Piping tailored jacket 22133020

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The color piping tailored jacket that expresses the world view of Portofino is a lightweight and quick -drying fabric with a sense of sheer material, and is recommended for either spring and summer ON & OFF jacket style. The emblem -style embroidery of the chest pocket and the paisley pattern separate cloth is used on the back of the collar.



100 % polyester tech tweed honeycomb knittingJersey/made in Japan


Water absorption and quick -drying lightweight 

 Tech tweed・・・TechTweed® is a polyester original material with wool expressions made in Oshu, one of the world's leading wool -producing areas. Special processing of flat polyester yarn reproduces deep colors and unevenness, woven, and pass through the same process as brushed and wool.tweedThe fabric is completed.

Honeycomb knitting・ ・ ・ It is a knitting method featuring a beehive -shaped uneven stitch. It has excellent breathability and keeps you comfortable without being sticky even if you sweat.

Jersey・ ・ ・ It is a general term for the knit knit, and it is made by cutting and sewing a piece of cloth. The jersey belongs to a very simple merry -knitting, a well -stretched rib knitting, a double -sided interlock, and a variety of knitting fabric.

Size spec (cm)

M: Length (70) Chest (106) Shoulder width (42) Sleeve length (61)

L: Length (72) Chest (112) Shoulder width (44) Sleeve length (62)

LL: Length (74) Chest (118) Shoulder width (46) Sleeve length (64)

Color: black

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